“The buildings of the future will rely heavily on sustainably sourced renewable materials. They will be manufactured, constructed and operated using renewable energy sources. The materials and components from which they are made will be infinitely reused, turning waste into highly valued resources and cities into urban mines. They will enhance the health and wellbeing of their occupants, creating places in which people can thrive.”

Buildings are the constituting brick of the built environment and are key to transitioning to a resource efficient and circular economy. At Thrive we conduct research to improve the life cycle environmental performance of buildings, infrastructure, neighbourhoods and cities. We consider a range of environmental indicators, including energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions, materials and others.

Our aim is to provide the knowledge and guidance for a more resource efficient built environment that enhances the wellbeing of people and encourages ecosystems to thrive.


What do we do?

  • Embodied energy
  • Regenerative development
  • Urban analysis
  • Thermal modelling
  • Building monitoring

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